CHANYEOL Spotted Checking Out 'Rubber Chan' That Fans Prepared for His Birthday

Nov 28, 2018

CHANYEOL Spotted Checking Out 'Rubber Chan' That Fans Prepared for His Birthday
K-pop boy group EXO's member CHANYEOL was spotted at Han River, checking out 'Rubber Chan'.

On November 27, CHANYEOL welcomed his 26th birthday and fans around the world sent him birthday wishes.

Recently, CHANYEOL's Chinese fans set up a giant rubber doll of CHANYEOL called 'Rubber Chan' at Han River that is written, 'Park Chan-yeol 1127 Happy Birthday' on the chest.Rubber ChanSince it was a special event and the character looked overly cute, many fans visited Han River to take a look themselves.

When no one thought CHANYEOL would pay a visit to check 'Rubber Chan' out himself, some lucky fans unexpectedly saw CHANYEOL admiring and taking pictures of 'Rubber Chan'.

One fan shared a picture of him from the back and commented on her social media, "CHANYEOL came to see 'Rubber Chan'! I was taking pictures of 'Rubber Chan' when he came. I was so shocked!"CHANYEOLSoon after, CHANYEOL uploaded a picture that he took of 'Rubber Chan' on his social media account and wrote, "Happy birthday to Loey (another name which CHANYEOL uses)."

After finding out that CHANYEOL took his time to see 'Rubber Chan', his fans said, "You are joking, right? Why wasn't I there when he came?", "No way! I can't believe he went all the way to Han River just to see 'Rubber Chan'! That was so sweet of him!", "This is the reason why I can't stop loving him.", and so on.Rubber ChanMeanwhile, CHANYEOL's upcoming drama 'Memories of the Alhambra' is set to begin on December 1.

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