Lee Jong Suk Reveals Why He Joined 'He Hymn of Death' Without Getting Paid

Nov 28, 2018

Lee Jong Suk Reveals Why He Joined 'He Hymn of Death' Without Getting Paid
It seems like Korean actor Lee Jong Suk is not only talented, but also quite loyal.

On November 27, SBS unveiled the first and second episode of the new drama 'He Hymn of Death'.
Lee Jong Suk'He Hymn of Death', a drama that covered the love story between Joseon Dynasty's first soprano singer 'Yoon Sim-deok' (Shin Hae Sun) and a genius playwright 'Kim Woo-jin' (Lee Jong Suk), caught the eyes of many even before it was aired.
Lee Jong SukLee Jong Suk took the role of 'Kim Woo-jin', a genius playwright who irretrievably and hopelessly fell in love with 'Yoon Sim-deok', his only companion in life and a paramour.
Lee Jong SukWhen Lee Jong Suk announced that he decided to join the drama without any payment, the public's expectation towards the drama returned tenfold, but they wondered what motivated him to make such decision.

Later on, it turns out that his relationship with the director of the drama acted as an internal motivation.
Lee Jong SukThe director of 'He Hymn of Death' Park Soo-jin and Lee Jong Suk first met in 2017 when they were filming SBS' beloved drama 'While You Were Sleeping' and ever since then, they have maintained a good working relationship.
Lee Jong SukHowever, it appears that wasn't the only thing that encouraged him to make such decision since the fact that this would be a one-cat play also caught the eyes of Lee Jong Suk.

Meanwhile, the third episode of 'He Hymn of Death' will be aired on December 3 at 10PM KST.

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