GOT7 BAMBAM Gains Attention for Showing a Considerate Behavior to BTS

Nov 30, 2018

GOT7 BAMBAM Gains Attention for Showing a Considerate Behavior to BTS
K-pop boy group GOT7's member BAMBAM is under the spotlight for showing a considerate behavior to another boy group BTS.

On November 28, an annual awards ceremony '2018 Asia Artist Awards' took place at Namdong Gymnasium, Incheon where many K-pop artists including GOT7 and BTS attended.

The event ended with all artists on stage where they took time to express their gratitude and say goodbye to fans who came to the venue.

When the artists were going down the stage, they also said hi to each other, and this was when JUNGKOOK from BTS and BAMBAM were spotted having a short conversation.2018 AAAThe other members of BTS were facing towards the audience area next to JUNGKOOK while he was turned backwards.

A brief moment after JUNGKOOK and BAMBAM began chatting, BAMBAM noticed all members of BTS holding hands to bow to the audience.

BAMBAM rapidly turned JUNGKOOK around and slid away from where he was standing just as V from BTS reached out for JUNGKOOK's hand before bowing.

Then, BAMBAM even sensibly pointed at BTS with his hands for the audience's attention.
After finding out about this, fans commented, "BAMBAM not only have quick wits but also is a fast walker!", "His hands at the end though! How did he even think of doing that in such a short time?", "Cuteness overload!", and more.

Both BAMBAM and JUNGKOOK were born in 1997, and their '97-line friendship' with other male artists born in the same year is widely known in the world of K-pop.
97-line male idols(Lee Narin, Credit= 'viensavmoi' 'pinkboy19970502' Twitter, 'bambam1a' Instagram)

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