Highlight Tosses Marshmallows to Its Fans for This Reason!

Nov 30, 2018

Highlight Tosses Marshmallows to Its Fans for This Reason!
The members of K-pop boy group Highlight left one last present to remember them by before they enlist in the military.

On November 29, Highlight's member Son Dong Woon held a live broadcast and unveiled the behind the scenes of Highlight's concert 'HIGHLIGHT LIVE 2018 [OUTRO]' which was held on November 24 to 25.
HighlightHighlight put its heart and soul into this concert since this would be a last time for the group to hold a concert together before the members' enlistment.
HighlightDuring the concert, the members handed out 10,000 marshmallows to its fans, and every single one of them had a message written on the outside.

Son Dong Woon said, "Our staff members cut all the edges of 10,000 bags of marshmallows themselves."

It turns out that the members didn't want their fans to get hurt by the edges of the plastic bags.
HighlightLater on, Son Dong Woon also revealed the reason why he chose marshmallows, not other sweets.

He said, "People say that you can't lose the weight you gained from eating a marshmallow even if you walk around the entire world."
HighlightSon Dong Woon added, "I wanted you to eat this marshmallow and keep the memory we made today for the next two years just like that common myth."

After hearing his story, the fans responded, "I didn't know that!", "That's so sweet.", "Aww..he certainly knows a way to move his fans.", and many more.
HighlightExcept Yoon Du Jun who already enlisted in the military back in August, other four members of Highlight will join the military one by one starting next year.
HighlightYang Yoseop will begin his duty as a conscripted policeman in January 2019, and Lee Gi Kwang and Son Dong Woon will serve their national mandatory duty as an active-duty soldier.

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