Park Bo Gum Steals the Heart of a Child Actor with the Cutest Method of All Time!

Dec 3, 2018

Park Bo Gum Steals the Heart of a Child Actor with the Cutest Method of All Time!
Korean actor Park Bo Gum certainly knows a way to bond with kids.

On November 30, a child actor Yang Hee Jae's parents posted a few pictures on their social media account.
Park Bo Gum & Yang Hee JaeIn the pictures, Yang Hee Jae was posing next to Park Bo Gum and both of them looked like they are having a sweet time together.
Park Bo Gum & Yang Hee JaePark Bo Gum buttoned up his vest on his knees, then held him in his arms with a big smile on his face.

Along with the pictures, Yang Hee Jae's mother wrote, "Park Bo Gum who knew that he was going to be filming with the children~~!! He brought sour candies and put it into their mouth."

럴수럴수 이럴수가??????. #보검님 무릎에 우리아들이????????????. 내가 보검님 무릎에 앉은듯한 이설렘.우짜죠.????????우히히..?????? 희재는 오늘 #남자친구 영상에 엄마만 알아볼 포션으로 나왔어요..???????? 하지만. 괜찮아요~~~!! 그와 #함께한시간 엄마는 무척행복했거든요~~~!!! 아이들과의 촬영을 아신 보검님~~!! 새콤달콤까지 준비하시며 아이들 입에 쏘옥. 엄마 이날 호들갑떨며 사르륵 녹는줄 알았다지요. 형인지 대한민국최고연애인인지 분간 못하는 희재는 형옆에서 계속 조잘조잘ㅋㅋ 그래도 다 받아주시던~~!!^^ #인간성 갑~~~!!! #대한민국 #연애인 #최고성품 ~~!! 이사진도.. 못찍을뻔!!!!!!했는데, #박보검 #배우님 께서 먼저 차문 똑똑~~!! 희재야 사진찍자~~!! 하셔서 찍은 영광의 사진이랍니다~~~!! ㅠㅠ 마지막사진, 자상하게 희재 추울까 쪼끼 잠궈주시던.ㅜㅜ #티아이 #티아이연기학원 #감사합니다 #박보검배우님 #또만나요 #제발 ~~~~~ . . #TVN #TVN드라마 #TVN남자친구 #박보검 #송혜교 #박보검짱 #대한민국연애인 #남자연애인 #탑연애인 #이거실화? #꿈을꾼듯한시간 #설렘 #착한연애인 #국민연애인

양희재 아역배우 키즈모델(@yang_hee_jae_)님의 공유 게시물님,

Later on it turns out that Park Bo Gum, the male lead of tvN's drama 'Encounter' prepared sour candies beforehand, after finding out the fact that he has a shoot with the kids.
Park Bo Gum & Yang Hee JaeAlso, Park Bo Gum approached Yang Hee Jae first and asked for pictures during the break.

Park Bo Gum succeeded in winning the hearts of all child actors thanks to the sour candies.
Park Bo Gum & Yang Hee JaeAfter seeing the pictures, fans commented, "He truly is a human muscat", "He's so good with the kids.", "Wish I was born 15 years later, so I could be a child actor", and many more.

Meanwhile, the first episode of 'Encounter' was aired on November 28.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'yang_hee_jae_' Instagram)

(SBS Star)