Shin Dong-yeob Makes Lee Min-jung Burst into Laugh with His Sassy Comment

Dec 3, 2018

Shin Dong-yeob Makes Lee Min-jung Burst into Laugh with His Sassy Comment
Korean entertainer Shin Dong-yeob thinks it is cute how Korean actress Lee Min-jung believes that her son is a genius.

On December 2 episode of SBS' reality show 'My Little Old Boy', Lee Min-jung made appearance at the show as a special guest.

When one of the hosts asked, "What's the hardest part about raising a child?" Lee Min-jung mentioned her son's figure.
Lee Min-jungLee Min-jung said, "He's only four years old, but he weighs 21kg (46lbs). That's about the weight of an elementary school girl who is in her first grade. But he's four, so he keeps asking me to hold him. So I carry around a 21kg baby."
Lee Min-jungThen Seo Jang Hoon said, "That's exactly how my mother felt. She thought that there's something wrong with me because I was big enough to go to school but kept staying at home."

He added, "Tell us about your son. Have you ever thought that he might be a genius?"
Lee Min-jungThe actress answered, "He said his first words pretty fast. A friend of mine told me to contact the Guinness World Records."
Lee Min-jungLee Min-jung added, "It was before his first birthday and I sat him down to feed him, then he said 'Water, water', and said, 'Soup, soup'."
Lee Min-jungShin Dong-yeob replied, "Whilst working as a host for SBS' variety show 'Animal Farm', I got a lot of calls from the viewers that their dog could talk. But when we actually get down there, none of them could talk."
Lee Min-jungHe added, "They are just saying 'Uh..uh..' but they think that their dogs are saying 'Mommy'. This is the same. Babies are just mumbling but in your ears, it sounds like they are talking to you."

Lee Min-jung laughed awkwardly and said, "I'll have to check again."

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung made her small screen comeback with SBS' drama 'Fate and Fury' after two-year hiatus.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS My Little Old Boy)

(SBS Star)