GOT7 JINYOUNG to Master the Art of Psychometry in Upcoming Drama

Dec 6, 2018

GOT7 JINYOUNG to Master the Art of Psychometry in Upcoming Drama
K-pop boy group GOT7's member JINYOUNG confirmed his appearance in an upcoming romance drama.

On December 6, the production team of tvN's drama 'That Psychometric Guy' (literal translation) announced that JINYOUNG is confirmed to join the drama as the male lead.
JINYOUNG'That Psychometric Guy' will cover the story of 'Lee Ahn', a boy who could read everyone's secret through touch, and a girl named 'Yoon Jae-in' who has a wound in her heart which she is willing to guard it with her life.

In the drama, JINYOUNG will turn into 'Lee Ahn', a guy who possesses a psychometric ability and can read the trace of people's most intense memory with a touch.

Unlike his elegant appearance which makes every girl on the street pass out just by walking past them, JINYOUNG's character 'Lee Ahn' is a shallow buffoon who has a twist.
JINYOUNG'Lee Ahn' dreams of punishing bad guys using his superpower; but since he cannot fully control his powers just yet, he makes a mess of things and tries to force his way into an investigation.

However, he will help the viewers get to know the charms of romantic comedy in the process of getting to know 'Yoon Jae-in', a girl who pretends like she is perfect while trying to hide her past.

JINYOUNG's appearance in 'That Psychometric Guy' garnered attention since he not only is a perfect match of the character, but also has shown a notable growth as an actor with the drama 'Beloved Eundong' (2015), 'The Legend of the Blue Sea' (2016), and the film 'A Stray Goat' (2016).
JINYOUNGThe public is looking forward to the birth of the next rookie of rom-com since this would be a first time for JINYOUNG to take a role in a romantic comedy drama.

A source from the production team stated, "The innocent, fresh vibe that JINYOUNG has matches the character perfectly. His gravitas and sensitivity would also make his character appear more diverse and charming."

The source added, "We are trying to present a drama that the viewers can enjoy happily and warmly. Please look forward to our drama."

Meanwhile, 'That Psychometric Guy' is scheduled to be aired in the first half of 2019.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JYP Entertainment, 'GOT7Official' Facebook, SBS funE)

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