Minhwan Shares How Bad He Felt About Yulhee After Discovering Her Pregnancy

Dec 6, 2018

Minhwan Shares How Bad He Felt About Yulhee After Discovering Her Pregnancy
K-pop boy band FTISLAND's member Minhwan shared how he felt when he first found out his wife girl group LABOUM's former member Yulhee was pregnant when they were dating.

On December 5 episode of KBS' reality show 'Guys Doing Housework Season 2' (literal translation), Minhwan and Yulhee joined as a new couple.MinhwanBack in September 2017, Minhwan and Yulhee confirmed their relationship and Yulhee departed from LABOUM shortly after that.

They kept Yulhee's pregnancy to themselves until they decided to make it public in May.

Then, their son Jae Yul was born in June, and they held a wedding ceremony in October.

During the interview for the show, Minhwan gave his honest thoughts on Yulhee's premarital pregnancy.MinhwanMinhwan said, "I worried about Yulhee when it became publicized. I thought the baby and I were standing in the way of Yulhee's future." 

He continued, "As she is still young, there are lots of opportunities open for her and things that she wants to do. I felt like I was pulling her away from all those things. I felt really bad."

Lastly, Minhwan added, "I try to do as much as I can for her, because I know she's gone through a tough time."MinhwanMinhwan and Yulhee couple currently is the youngest K-pop idol couple to get married and have a child.

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