BTS Fans to Make Donation to Atomic Bomb Victims

Dec 7, 2018

BTS Fans to Make Donation to Atomic Bomb Victims
ARMY, K-pop boy group BTS' fans made a generous donation to atomic bomb victims.

According to KRCHCWC (Korean Red Cross Hapcheon Welfare Center) on December 6, BTS' fan community 'Run ARMY' has donated 5.4 million won (approximately 4,834 dollars) to the organization.

The fans gathered funds for 10 days from November 9 to 18.
BTS'Run ARMY' explained, "We realized that many of the atomic bomb victims still live in poor conditions."

They added, "We decided to come together to help the ones who went through difficult times. We hope this small offerings can be used to heal the pain of the victims."
BTSKRCHCWC also stated, "The meaningful donation carefully gathered by the fans will become a great help to the elderly atomic bomb victims."

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to resume its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF' this week.

(Credit= Big Hit Entertainment)

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