BTS Fans in Peru to Adopt Alpaca for JIN's Birthday

Dec 10, 2018

BTS Fans in Peru to Adopt Alpaca for JIN's Birthday
K-pop boy group BTS' Peruvian fans prepared the cutest and the most meaningful birthday surprise for JIN.

In celebration of JIN's birthday on December 4, ARMYs (BTS' fan club) in Peru adopted an alpaca to increase awareness for the endangered animals.
BTS JINAlpaca is actually a well-known symbol of JIN, as he designed his alter ego into an alpaca character named 'RJ' for BTS' collaboration with Line Friends, 'BT21'.

According to the fans, the alpaca has also been baptized as 'RJ' through a ceremony held at Qolqanpata Inca Park in Cuzco, Peru on December 3.
BTS JINThe park issued an official certificate of the alpaca's adoption, and expressed gratitude to BTS' Peruvian fans for their support for conserving Peru's natural heritage.

The Peruvian fans also shared photos of adorable 'RJ', wearing a red scarf around her neck just like the original 'RJ' character.
BTS JINThey also left a short note to JIN, "Thanks Jin, for showing your love towards Peruvian vulnerable animals," with a hashtag '#HAPPYJINDAY'.

Meanwhile, BTS is currently visiting Taiwan as part of its world tour 'LOVE YOURSELF'.

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