EXID HYELIN Confesses That She Took a Part-Time Job to Support the Group

Dec 11, 2018

EXID HYELIN Confesses That She Took a Part-Time Job to Support the Group
K-pop girl group EXID's member HYELIN revealed that she did a part-time job after debut to financially support the group.

On December 8 episode of JTBC's variety show 'Knowing Brothers' (literal translation), the members of EXID opened up about the hard times they went through.
EXIDThis episode garnered attention even before it was aired since this was the first time for EXID members to make appearance in a variety show all together.

On this day, HYELIN moved the public by sharing how she helped her fellow members during a rough patch.
EXIDHYELIN said, "Until we got our name out there with our track 'UP&DOWN', we didn't have much of a schedule. So I did a part-time job without the members knowing."
EXIDShe added, "Back then, I ate at school but the members had to eat instant noodles three times a day since we didn't have a lot of money. Luckily, they sell lots of cheap food in front of school, so I occasionally bought them and brought them to the members."
EXIDHYELIN continued, "Even that started to feel like burden as time passed, so I took a part-time job. At the place where I worked, there was this guy who just got out of the military. I was so grateful when he said, 'I recognized you but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to cause any trouble. Good luck with your album.'"
EXIDOther members replied, "We only heard about this after we had a huge success with our track 'UP&DOWN'. We felt terrible and so sorry."
EXIDAfter hearing HYELIN's story, fans commented, "She is a good singer, but a better friend.", "I wish I had a friend like her.", "Friendship goals!", and many more.

Meanwhile, EXID returned to the stage as a five-member group on November 21 with its new single 'I LOVE YOU'.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers, 'EXIDOfficial' Facebook)

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