Henry Gives the Best Kind of Gift to His Father: Retirement

Dec 10, 2018

Henry Gives the Best Kind of Gift to His Father: Retirement
Henry, formerly of K-pop boy group Super Junior's sub-unit Super Junior-M, stunned his father by giving him the best kind of birthday present.

On December 7 episode of MBC's reality show 'I Live Alone', Henry was seen hanging out with his father in Niagara Falls, Canada.HenryAfter touring around Niagara Falls, Henry took his father to a fancy restaurant where they were able to get the whole view of Niagara Falls.

While eating, Henry told his father that he was going to go to the restroom, then surprised him with a birthday cake and song.

Henry revealed that he had prepared a small birthday party for his father, because he was not with his father on his real birthday back in September.HenryThe surprise event did not end here; Henry had written the first-ever letter to his father.

Henry began reading out the letter, "First of all, I'd like to say that I'm very happy that we could finally spend time with each other after so many years. I know it wasn't easy making money and raising the family for all these years, and it hurts me to see you still working so hard for us."

He continued, "I think I can finally repay and say that you won't need to work a single day more in your life. It's time for me to take care of you. Happy birthday and happy retirement."HenryHenry's father responded, "Thank you, Henry. Every moment of my life working hard for our family was really worth it. I feel blessed to have you as my son."

Then, they shyly shared a warm hug with each other. HenryMeanwhile, Henry signed a contract with a new management agency Monster Entertainment Group in the beginning of November.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC I Live Alone, 'henryl89' Instagram)

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