EXO D.O. Talks About Getting His First Vacation in 7 Years

Dec 10, 2018

EXO D.O. Talks About Getting His First Vacation in 7 Years
K-pop boy group EXO's member/actor D.O. (Do Kyung-soo) shared that he is finally getting his first vacation since debut.

On December 10, D.O. sat down for a press interview for his upcoming movie 'Swing Kids'.
EXO D.O.Having a busy year as a K-pop star and a promising actor, he was asked when he will ever take a break.

D.O. said, "That's what I'm saying. But I have good news. Working for seven years, I couldn't go on a break when my members did because I was doing (acting) projects. In January of next year, I will finally be taking a vacation with my members."

He added, "I haven't decided where I will be going, and what I will be doing. I never thought about it because I was so busy to think about it. My vacation is six days in total, so I'm thinking of going somewhere. It feels like 60 days."
EXO D.O.Then D.O. shared that his fellow member CHANYEOL suggested traveling together, saying, "He said we should visit somewhere together, but I haven't said yes to him yet. I may go on a trip with my members. I'm thinking about what I can do to spend the six-day vacation in a valuable way."
EXO D.O.Whilst talking about his upcoming movie 'Swing Kids', D.O. confessed that he shed tears watching the film.

He said, "I first watched the final version of 'Swing Kids' at the press event, and the movie was edited so well that my tears welled up a little."

He added, "As 'Swing Kids' is growing, I think I'm growing as well. There were certainly a lot of scenes that were not easy, and tap dancing and learning the North Korean accent were challenging as well.  However, there were a lot of new experiences, and I enjoyed that I was able to show my playful side."

'Swing Kids' starring D.O. as a North Korean tap dancer named 'Ro Ki-soo' hits theaters on December 19.

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