The Members of SISTAR Spend a Memorable Time Together

Dec 11, 2018

The Members of SISTAR Spend a Memorable Time Together
All four members―HYOLYN, Kim Dasom, Bora, and SOYOU of disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR gathered together for HYOLYN's birthday.

On December 11, Bora and HYOLYN shared some pictures from HYOLYN's birthday party on their social media account.

In the pictures, HYOLYN, Kim Dasom, Bora, and SOYOU closely next to one another in front of a huge window where they are able to get the scenic night view of the city.SISTARBora playfully wrote, "HYO dingdingdilidilidingdingding, happy birthday! You are going to be entering your 30s soon lol Wow!"

HYOLYN wrote, "Thank you so much, my angels! Happy birthday to me!"SISTARDebuted in 2010, SISTAR soon risen as K-pop's iconic sexy and talented girl group.

For many years, SISTAR dominated major domestic music charts with its songs and the group's hit songs include 'PUSH PUSH', 'SHAKE IT', 'Alone', 'Touch my body', and more.

Then in 2017, the four members decided to go their own ways, which disappointed a great number of fans.SISTARHowever, their reunion shows their great friendship despite the group's disbandment, and is making fans feel all delighted.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'borabora_sugar' 'xhyolynx' Instagram, 'officialsistar' Facebook)

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