BTS JUNGKOOK Opens Chatroom to Directly Interact with ARMY

Dec 11, 2018

BTS JUNGKOOK Opens Chatroom to Directly Interact with ARMY
K-pop boy group BTS' member JUNGKOOK promised his fans to open a chatroom every Friday to communicate with them.

Recently, JUNGKOOK uploaded a series of posts on BTS' official fan community, and opened a chatroom that is open to a maximum of 20 people.

Then he uploaded a hint for the password, and fans who guessed the password correctly were able to enter the exclusive chatroom.

The lucky fans were able to have a conversation with JUNGKOOK himself, and the fans shared their experiences online.
BTS JUNGKOOKBTS JUNGKOOKBTS JUNGKOOKAccording to screenshots shared by the fans, JUNGKOOK said, "Talking to you guys, I feel like I'm not alone.", "Everyone, please don't get sick. Always stay healthy.", "I will always be by your side.", "If I ever become a grandpa, I would love to grab some drinks with ARMY..", and so on.
BTS JUNGKOOKHe also gave his fans a life lesson, "I can't just tell you to cheer up no matter what, but I do wish that you could find things that make you happy within the hard times you face."

At the end of the online chat, JUNGKOOK added, "I should do this more often," and said that he will open a chatroom every Friday from late night until the next morning.
BTS JUNGKOOKFans who missed their chance to interact with JUNGKOOK commented, "Jungkook, oh Jungkook... What did we ever do to deserve him.", "Count me in, please!", "Considering his hectic schedule, this is just wow. The sweetest golden maknae.", and more.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to attend '2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards' on December 12 at Saitama Super Arena, Japan.

(Credit= Online Community, 'BTS_twt' Twitter)

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