BTS V's Fanboy THE BOYZ YOUNGHOON Shares How He Felt in This Photo

Dec 11, 2018

BTS V's Fanboy THE BOYZ YOUNGHOON Shares How He Felt in This Photo
K-pop boy group THE BOYZ' member YOUNGHOON shared how he felt when his role model V from another boy group BTS put his arm around his shoulders when they were taking pictures together.

On December 1 at the backstage of an annual awards ceremony '2018 Melon Music Awards (2018 MMA)', YOUNGHOON's dream came true.

At the end of the day, THE BOYZ shared a picture on the official social media account with a caption, "We met our senior group BTS at 'MMA'. It was an honor to meet BTS, who we always have looked up to. Today rather felt like a warm 'Spring Day' for us."BTS and THE BOYZIn the picture, V has his arm around YOUNGHOON while he stands a little nervously next to him.

YOUNGHOON has previously revealed that he is a huge fan of V, and takes him as a role model.

Fans even spotted YOUNGHOON having V's pictures as his phone's background and lock screen picture.VLater on in one of the behind-the-scenes videos of THE BOYZ at '2018 MMA', YOUNGHOON talked about the time when they took photos.

With a thrilled tone of voice, YOUNGHOON said, "I almost died! When he put his arm around me..."

YOUNGHOON opened his mouth widely in shock, then continued, "V only put his arm around me, but I have never felt like that in my life!"

Since THE BOYZ fans knew how much YOUNGHOON liked V, they are feeling so happy for YOUNGHOON.

Meanwhile, THE BOYZ began promoting its latest title track 'No Air' since November 29, and BTS is busy getting ready for its performance at '2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards' in Japan on December 12 and Hong Kong on December 14.

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