Koo Hye Sun Spreads the Message of Hope with Her Visit to Africa

Dec 12, 2018

Koo Hye Sun Spreads the Message of Hope with Her Visit to Africa
Actress Koo Hye Sun paid a visit to the children in Chad, Africa with UNICEF Korea to build a better future for them.

On December 10, Koo Hye Sun's management agency PARTNERS park stated that Koo Hye Sun visited UNICEF's nutrition, education, and health center in Chad and delivered the message of hope.
Koo Hye SunHer agency also shared pictures of Koo Hye Sun at the site.

In the pictures, Koo Hye Sun is leaning on the wall which she painted with the children in Chad and happily posing for pictures with them with a big smile on her face.
Koo Hye SunChad is also known as a 'dead heart' of Africa since the long-lasted civil war caused many threats starting from famine to dispute, epidemic, climate change, and increase in refugees.

Koo Hye Sun visited UNICEF's nutrition hospital, education center, and refugee camp in Chad, had a time to comprehend their situation, and tried to interact with the kids by visiting schools that UNICEF supports.
Koo Hye SunKoo Hye Sun packed her schedule with many activities starting from learning about UNICEF's role in Chad to finding out how they spent the money they raised through donation and participating in a hygiene education.

She also mended the children's broken heart by joining a graffiti activity with UNICEF Chad's Goodwill Ambassador.
Koo Hye SunOver the past few years, Koo Hye Sun has spread a positive energy through donations and volunteer works that she did without anyone knowing.

Meanwhile, Koo Hye Sun has recently donated 100 percent of the profits from her art exhibition which was held on November 13 to 16 at Galerie 89 Viaduc des arts in Paris.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= UNICEF Korea, 'kookoo900' Instagram)

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