Jung il Woo Begins Filming Drama in Less than 2 Weeks After Completing Duty

Dec 11, 2018

Jung il Woo Begins Filming Drama in Less than 2 Weeks After Completing Duty
Korean actor Jung il Woo has already started filming his new drama 'Haechi' only about 10 days after completing his national mandatory duty.

On December 10, Jung il Woo shared a picture of himself on his social media account.

The picture shows Jung il Woo standing in front of a snack truck while making a cute pose in a traditional Korean outfit.

In the caption, Jung il Woo wrote, "Our scriptwriter has sent us some late-night snacks. It tasted so great! Go SBS' drama 'Haechi'!"Jung il Woo'Haechi' is about 'Lee Geum' (Jung il Woo) who is technically the prince, but not recognized as one, because he was born under a mother who was from the low social class.

'Lee Geum' is naturally clever and has excellent judgment, but they are all useless as there is nothing he can do with them due to the circumstances that he is in.

The story of 'Haechi' will depict the adventurous journey of 'Lee Geum' and three other brave characters bringing justice to the country.Jung il WooUntil November 30, Jung il Woo actually served his alternative military service as a public service worker.

This means he had jumped into his new project without taking any break after completing his duty. 

It seems like Jung il Woo read the minds of his fans who missed him on screen for so long that he wanted to get back to work as soon as he could.

Meanwhile, 'Haechi' is scheduled to air its first episode next February.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'jilwww' Instagram, 'cuicuiloveyu' Twitter)

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