Red Velvet IRENE Entertains Her Fans with a Cute Habit!

Dec 12, 2018

Red Velvet IRENE Entertains Her Fans with a Cute Habit!
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's member IRENE has a cute habit when making a 'V' sign with her hands.

Recently, a few pictures of IRENE went viral in various online communities.

What caught the eyes of the public was this one dance move from the choreography of 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)', Red Velvet's new title track.
IRENEIn the pictures, IRENE was trying to make a V sign with her index and middle finger, but it seems like she failed to control her little finger since she was holding up her pinkie in almost every picture.

She was supposed to clench her fist except those two fingers but her little finger always sticks out as if it wants to join the party.
IRENEAccording to her fans, IRENE was not aware of her adorable habit.

Even though it turned out to be a force of habit, this unintended behavior of hers made her fans go wild.
IRENEAfter IRENE's cute habit was known to the public, her fans commented, "She wasn't aware of her habit? That's even cuter.", "Even her habit is adorable.", "Now all I can see is her finger."

Check out IRENE's most adorable habit yourself!
(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'Spinel CAM' 'KBSKpop' 'MBCentertain' YouTube, 'dotori_914' Twitter)

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