RAIN to Launch Male Solo Artist & Multinational Boy Group

Dec 12, 2018

RAIN to Launch Male Solo Artist & Multinational Boy Group
K-pop artist/actor RAIN plans to broaden his career path as a producer by launching two new K-pop acts.

According to reports on December 12, industry insiders revealed that RAIN is currently preparing a male solo artist to make his debut.
RAINThe source explained, "RAIN has continuously and is currently in search for people with passion and talent through auditions both inside and outside of Korea. He has also met with various representatives of broadcasting stations regarding this."
RAINIt was also reported that RAIN is in the process of launching a seven-member boy group that will include non-Korean members.

Another source said, "RAIN has shown his passion towards training juniors as a producer. With the upcoming solo artist and boy group, he will officially kick off the career as a producer."
RAINIn response to reports, RAIN Company stated, "RAIN is planning a global project to launch a male solo artist and a multinational boy group."

The company added, "The preparation began last year, and we are currently in the stage of internal planning. Their debuts are expected to take place in late 2019 or 2020."

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