Apink's Agency Responds to Alleged Plagiarism by Chinese Singer

Dec 12, 2018

Apink's Agency Responds to Alleged Plagiarism by Chinese Singer
K-pop girl group Apink's agency has responded to the accusation that a famous Chinese singer has plagiarized one of the group's tracks.
ApinkRecently, a Chinese social media influencer/singer Chi Yi Ting released a song titled 'Lucky Card', but the track soon came under fire as people accusing her of plagiarizing Apink's 2011 hit track 'My My'.
As the controversy started to grow bigger, the song's composer Wang Jia Cheng responded with a social media post, "I've been notified with the similarity between 'Lucky Card' and 'My My'. It appears that the two songs share a similar musical accompaniment, but we did not realize that during the production process."

He continued, "We received the instrumental version from a third-party arranger, and are going through the process of terminating the contract. Moreover, we would like to clarify that the singer had nothing to do with the plagiarism controversy. We kindly ask that you refrain from making blaming remarks against her."
ApinkIn response, Apink's management agency Plan A Entertainment stated, "After checking out the facts with copyright experts, we will discuss further actions regarding the controversy."

Meanwhile, Apink is confirmed to make its comeback on January 7, 2019.

(Credit= 'Official.Apink2011' Facebook, '1theK' YouTube, 'tfohayoung' Twitter)

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