Highlight Yoon Du Jun Shares Sweet Letter to Fans on His Day Off

Dec 13, 2018

Highlight Yoon Du Jun Shares Sweet Letter to Fans on His Day Off
K-pop boy group Highlight member Yoon Du Jun warmed his fans' heart with a sweet letter.

On December 12, Yoon Du Jun shared a photo of himself on his personal social media account with a long letter:
Yoon Du JunHello, this is Du Jun. Have you been well? You must be having a hard time since it has suddenly gotten cold outside. It's the most important thing to always keep yourself warm so that you don't catch a cold, okay?

It's been a while since I've written something like this, so it feels very awkward to write this. I'm doing well, of course.

This is my first military vacation, so time has gone by really fast. I've met people that I missed, done things that I wanted to do, and had a very rewarding week.

Ah, did you enjoy the concert? I watched some clips and thought that I want to be there too.

When I saw our four members performing, I felt sorry and envious at the same time to the members and to all of you, but then I also got excited thinking about the moment when we will be together again.

It will take a long time for sure, but if one focuses on one's life, that time will come eventually. Since time is certainly passing, I'm trying not to worry too much!

Speaking of my military life that you've been curious about, I'm thankfully adapting well with the kind help of officers and senior soldiers. Please don't worry too much, and I hope you will always take care of yourself. 

Now I will go back and work hard in the army, and talk to you again during my next day off. Thank you all for your letters. Don't catch a cold. Bye!
HighlightHighlightOn the same day, fellow Highlight members shared photos of their reunion with Yoon Du Jun on their social media accounts.

Yoon Du Jun enlisted in the military on August 24, and is expected to be discharged from his duty on April 10, 2020.
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