DINDIN Explains Why He Thinks U-KNOW Yunho Should Go Down in History

Dec 13, 2018

DINDIN Explains Why He Thinks U-KNOW Yunho Should Go Down in History
Korean hip-hop artist DINDIN explained the reasons why he highly respects K-pop boy group TVXQ!'s leader U-KNOW Yunho.

On December 12 episode of MBC's talk show 'Radio Star', DINDIN shared some stories about U-KNOW Yunho.DINDINDINDIN began telling the story, "U-KNOW Yunho's attitude amazes me. This was after we wrapped up filming 'DUNIA'. I texted him saying, 'I'm happy to have met you, hyung. I hope we continue to get to know each other for long."

He carried on, "U-KNOW Yunho's reply was so warm. He said, 'Of course, DINDIN. This is not the 'END' of our friendship. It's 'ING'.' It might be cringey, but it wasn't because those words came out from U-KNOW Yunho. He was being real."DINDINThe hosts and other guests commented on how cheesy that was, but DINDIN just continued his talk without being shaken by them.

DINDIN said, "So, all the cast and staff members went to have a meal together after shooting the very last episode of 'DUNIA'. Before entering the restaurant, U-KNOW Yunho said to me, 'DINDIN, there are 62 people here. I'm going to drink 62 shots of alcohol today. No less or more than that.'"DINDINHe continued, "U-KNOW Yunho can't drink well. But he really drank 62 shots on that day. He went around the tables and drank a shot with each person."

DINDIN's last comment about U-KNOW Yunho was, "I respect U-KNOW Yunho more than my dad. I'm not joking. He is the greatest human being I've ever seen. He deserves to be recorded in history."DINDINMeanwhile, DINDIN is scheduled to appear in a new variety show 'I Am Not the Person Who You Think I Am' (literal translation), and U-KNOW Yunho's group TVXQ! released a Japanese single 'Jealous' on November 21.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC Radio Star, 'dindinem' 'tvxq.official' Instagram) 

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