Ryan Bang Reveals How Popular DARA Is Among Top Filipino Celebrities

Dec 13, 2018

Ryan Bang Reveals How Popular DARA Is Among Top Filipino Celebrities
Ryan Bang, an entertainer in the Philippines, revealed how popular a member of a disbanded K-pop girl group DARA is among top Filipino celebrities.

On December 11 episode of MBC every1's talk show 'Video Star', Ryan Bang mentioned DARA's popularity among top stars in the Philippines.Ryan Bang and DARAAs Ryan Bang and DARA have known each other since when they were promoting in the Philippines, the hosts asked him to tell them something interesting about DARA.

Ryan Bang hesitated for a bit and said, "DARA is very popular among Filipino celebrities. The top stars in different fields of entertainment like DARA. A lot of them ask her out."

When asked how Filipinos usually ask a girl out, Ryan Bang answered, "They tend to be quite straightforward."Ryan BangThen, Ryan Bang said, "But DARA is not the type of person who goes out on a date with a guy by herself. When she visits the Philippines, she invites a lot of guys to hang out with her at one particular place."

He continued, "Even though DARA is the one who invites them, she just sits there and does nothing. There, the most confident guy will win DARA's heart...! Well, I don't know anything more than that. I never got to see more of it!"Ryan BangDebuted in the Philippines in 2010, Ryan Bang rose to fame after joining a reality show 'Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash of 2010'.

DARA made debut in the Philippines about six years prior to Ryan Bang in 2004, and had a successful acting and singing career before returning to Korea to join YG Entertainment where she debuted as 2NE1 in 2009.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC every1 Video Star) 

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