3 Celebrities Who Have a Reputation for Being a Loyal & Supportive Friend!

Dec 14, 2018

3 Celebrities Who Have a Reputation for Being a Loyal & Supportive Friend!
As the old saying goes, "If you have one true friend, you have lived a successful life."

Friends are one of the blessings in life that makes our life richer―they comfort us when we are down, and double our joy when there is something to celebrate.

However, being someone's best friend requires a constant effort and commitment.

For this reason, one has to be quite considerate and loyal to be called as everyone's ideal best friend.

Let's take a close look at these celebrities who managed to maintain a good friendship with their acquaintances even after becoming a successful K-pop acts, and find out what makes them such a good friend!

1. IU
IUFor the past few years, K-pop singer-songwriter IU has showed off her strong bond with actress Yoo In Na.

The way IU took care of her friends was an inspiration to many, since she always made a constant effort to maintain her relationship with her friends and acquaintances despite her hectic schedule.

But what moved the public the most was how she stood up for her staff members in the process of renewing her contract with her agency this year.

IU told her agency that she would renew her contract on one condition: improving the welfare of her staff members.
IUHer staff member were incredibly touched when they heard the news, since she not only took all of
her crew with her, but also raised every single one of their salary.

In October, IU invited Gimhae sisters to one of her concerts who she met on JTBC's variety show 'Hyori's Homestay' (literal translation) a year ago.

2. WENDY of Red Velvet
WENDYApparently, K-pop girl group Red Velvet's WENDY is loved by everyone around her.

On one episode of Lifetime's reality show 'Pajama Friends', fellow Red Velvet member JOY shared how she became best friends with WENDY.

JOY confessed that WENDY sometimes made her uncomfortable before debut because she not only tried to take care of her constantly, but also paid too much attention to her.
WENDYBut she added that she and WENDY became best friends after telling her how she felt since she took it pretty well and replied, "I wouldn't have known if you hadn't told me."

Also, WENDY once prepared a lunch box for her staff members and showed her sweet side in many episodes of Red Velvet's web-variety show 'LEVEL UP Project 3'.

SUNMIBack in September, K-pop artist SUNMI and her manager made appearance at MBC's reality show 'Omniscient Interfering View', and showed off their rock-solid friendship.

SUNMI revealed that she thinks of her manager as a family because her manager has been there for her since she was a member of K-pop girl group Wonder Girls.

SUNMI wired a large sum of money to her manager when she was having hard time finding a new house because of her financial situation.
SUNMIHer manger was greatly moved by such generous gesture and said, "I cried because I wasn't sure if I could find someone like her again."

That story moved many of its viewers, and allowed the public to get to know a new side of SUNMI.

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