WINNER MINO Initially Debuted as an Actor 6 Years Ago?

Dec 14, 2018

WINNER MINO Initially Debuted as an Actor 6 Years Ago?
It turned out MINO from K-pop boy group WINNER used to be an actor.

On December 13 episode of MBC FM4U's radio show 'Yang Yoseop's Dream Radio', MINO made a guest appearance.MINODuring the talk, one of the listeners asked, "Which one of your past videos do you want it to be deleted the most?"

MINO laughed and answered, "There's a video of me acting in a drama. It makes me feel embarrassed when I watch myself acting in that drama."

He explained, "I filmed this drama before I got into YG Entertainment. It wasn't long after I began training to make debut as a K-pop idol. I was still very young then."MINOMINOAfter this episode was aired, fans discovered some images of MINO in the drama that he was talking about.

It was CHANNEL A's 2012 drama titled 'The Most Powerful K-pop Survival Show' (literal translation), and MINO played a role of 'Park Ki-beom' who was the junior main dancer and rapper of a K-pop boy group 'm2'.

CHANNEL A explained his character to be a wild and bad-tempered guy, but someone who easily captures girls' hearts with his sexiness and charisma.MINOThis new piece of information about MINO is coming as a surprise to many, because not a lot of people knew that he acted before.

Currently, MINO is actively promoting the title track 'FIANCÉ' from his first solo album 'XX'.

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(SBS Star)