IU Pays Tribute to SHINee JONGHYUN During Her Concert

Dec 17, 2018

IU Pays Tribute to SHINee JONGHYUN During Her Concert
K-pop artist IU paid tribute to her late friend, boy group SHINee's member JONGHYUN.

On December 15 (local time), IU held her 10th debut anniversary concert 'dlwlrma' at The Star Theatre, Singapore.
IUDuring her concert, IU suddenly changed her set list to sing a meaningful song―'Gloomy Clock' (literal translation).

IU said, "The next song actually wasn't on my set list, but I prepared it because I've been thinking about this song a lot these days. This song has been a great comfort to me since the moment I first met it."
IUThen she switched her purple microphone that she had been using for one in pearl aqua, SHINee's official color.

IU said, "I hope this song will reach the person I terribly miss," and began singing 'Gloomy Clock'.
IU. JONGHYUNComposed and written by JONGHYUN, IU's 2013 release 'Gloomy Clock' is still loved by many until this day.

IU once shared that she immediately fell in love with the song after hearing it, and that she begged JONGHYUN to let her have the song.
IU. JONGHYUNBack in 2015, IU and JONGHYUN sang the song together as a duet during JONGHYUN's solo concert 'THE STORY by JONGHYUN'.

(Credit= Kakao M, MBC, Online Community)

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