6 Celebrities Who Would Make a Great YouTuber!

Dec 20, 2018

6 Celebrities Who Would Make a Great YouTuber!
People sometimes use the term 'Golden Hands' to describe someone who is good with their hands.

Time sure flies by watching those talented people creating something incredible with their own hands.

But according to their fans, renowned content creators on YouTube are not the only ones who possess such jaw-dropping ability since these following celebrities are known as 'Golden Hands' as well.

The piece of art and other types of creation they presented over the past few years were sufficient enough to catch the eyes of the public, and even encouraged one of them to explore a new career path as a YouTuber.

Let's take a closer look at these six celebrities who would gain millions of subscribers in no time!

1. Kim Jae Kyung of RAINBOW
Kim Jae KyungKim Jae Kyung, a member of a disbanded girl group RAINBOW studied fashion in college.

Back in 2012, she caught the eyes of the public by winning third place in her graduation fashion show and receiving another award from the university.
Kim Jae Kyung
Some of her fans call her a collector of hobbies since she loves learning new things and currently has more than five hobbies―leather crafting, silver crafting, horseback riding, golf, and free diving.

2. Ji Sook of RAINBOW
Ji Sook
RAINBOW members would have no problem living on a deserted island all by themselves since the member Ji Sook is also good with her hands.
Ji Sook
Ji Sook opened her YouTube channel 'Jisook' back in 2017, and uploaded four videos so far.
Ji Sook
The news that she turned into a YouTuber made many of her fans go wild since she already has an experience of mesmerizing the public with many of her talents including cooking and handcrafting.

3. Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo JungAfter being diagnosed with hypothyroidism back in February, actress Kim Yoo Jung had to put a halt to everything and take a break from all the activities.

Whilst she was recovering from her condition, she occasionally posted some of her painting on her social media account.
Kim Yoo Jung
Her fans could not help but gasp after seeing her artwork since if were not told it was one of her paintings, they probably would have assumed that it belonged to a professional artist.

4. Henry
HenryHenry, formerly of K-pop boy group Super Junior's sub-unit Super Junior-M, is known for his outstanding cooking skills.

When he made appearance at Olive's cooking show 'MasterChef Korea Celebrity', Henry wowed the public with his amazing cooking skills.
It seems like his enthusiasm for cooking was pretty strong since he has been spreading his wings as a chef/entrepreneur ever since he opened a Taiwanese restaurant in Seoul back in May.

5. Taeyeon from Girls' Generation
K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's Taeyeon truly deserves the title 'Golden Hands'.
It appears that all of her hobbies including baking, nail art, and makeup are more than just a way to pass time since she not only presents the utmost quality of work every time, but also seems to enjoy the process tremendously.
Recently, she surprised the public with her new-found talent―decorating Christmas trees.

K-pop boy group WINNER's MINO's passion for painting is pretty well-known among his fans.
In one episode of tvN's variety show 'kangskitchen', MINO wowed the viewers with his impeccable painting skills and revealed that he explored the world of painting during his hiatus.
Also, MINO mentioned on SBS' 'Han Bam' that painting was one of the main reasons that helped him to get back on his feet and overcome his panic disorder.

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