VIDEO: Lee Sang Yun Memorizes Extremely Difficult Lines Just in 5 Minutes!

Dec 17, 2018

VIDEO: Lee Sang Yun Memorizes Extremely Difficult Lines Just in 5 Minutes!
Korean actor Lee Sang Yun shocked everyone by memorizing extremely difficult lines just in five minutes.

On December 16 episode of SBS 'Master in the House', the cast―Lee Sang Yun, entertainer Yang Se-hyung, Yook Sungjae of K-pop boy group BTOB, singer Lee Seung Gi met the new master veteran actor Lee Soon-jae, who taught them acting skills. 

As one of the parts of his acting class, Lee Soon-jae gave the four members a mission to memorize lines from KBS' historical drama 'Winds and Clouds' (1982).Master in the HouseEach member took time to memorize the lines in their own way.

Three minutes later, Lee Sang Yun told them that he has finished memorizing the lines.

Nevertheless, Lee Sang Yun failed to complete the mission, because he said one wrong word.

Only about two minutes after that though, Lee Sang Yun said he would try again.

Lee Sang Yun smoothly spoke the lines from the beginning until the end.Master in the HouseAfter he was done, the rest of the cast gave him a round of applause for memorizing such difficult lines only in five minutes.

Lee Soon-jae commented, "Your memorization is perfect. The only thing you need to do now is to revive the lines by putting your emotions into them."

Not too long after Lee Sang Yun completed the mission, Yook Sungjae succeeded in perfectly memorizing the lines as well.

The two others Yang Se-hyung and Lee Seung Gi, struggled with the mission for a lot longer than them.

In the end, Yang Se-hyung managed to come as third, sending Lee Seung Gi to the end of the line.

'Master in the House' is a television show by SBS in which the cast spend time with masters of various fields in hopes of gaining knowledge and wisdom from them.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Master in the House)

(SBS Star)