Sulli Tears Up as Taeyeon Makes a Surprise Visit to Her Store

Dec 17, 2018

Sulli Tears Up as Taeyeon Makes a Surprise Visit to Her Store
Sulli, formerly of K-pop girl group f(x), almost cried when she saw Taeyeon of girl group Girls' Generation at her store.

On December 13 episode of Sulli's first reality show 'Jinri Market', Taeyeon surprised Sulli by making an unexpected visit to her pop-up store. 

In this episode, Sulli was seen interacting with her customers and fans in her shop until late in the evening.

While Sulli was busy, Taeyeon arrived at the store and began shopping, trying her best not to get caught by Sulli.TaeyeonAfter Taeyeon was done shopping, she slowly walked up to the counter with a grin, where Sulli was sitting down behind it.
Jinri MarketAs soon as Sulli saw Taeyeon, her eyes widened and tears rapidly filled them up.
Jinri MarketSeconds later, Sulli walked out of the counter and showed her gratitude by giving Taeyeon a big hug.

Sulli commented, "Taeyeon and I lived together when we were still in school. She used to tell me that I eat like a baby."
Sulli and TaeyeonTaeyeon also took time to reminisce the past, then responded, "How do you remember that? It's been a very long time."

Both stars belong to the same management agency SM Entertainment, where they spent years training before making debut as members of popular girl groups.

(Lee Narin, Credit= SM C&C Jinri Market)

(SBS Star)