Luna Says Scammers Financially Scammed Her Family Impersonating Her

Dec 17, 2018

Luna Says Scammers Financially Scammed Her Family Impersonating Her
K-pop girl group f(x)'s member Luna revealed that some scammers financially scammed the members of her family pretending to be her trying to borrow some money from them.

On December 17, Luna posted a message on her social media account along with several pictures showing a chat room on a phone.

The pictures are of her mother's phone, and they show a person named 'Luna' asking her mother to lend her multi-million won.

This fake 'Luna' asks her to send the money to her manager instead of her, explaining that she is lending the manager the money for an urgent matter.LunaLuna wrote, "My online address book recently got hacked and these scammers created an account using my name. Then, they contacted my family and friends pretending to be me. Please do not be fooled. It is not me."

She continued, "Dear scammers who stole the money from my family that I earned by working day and night, does this make you happy? I know that it isn't easy to catch scammers like these. I won't let this get to me though."

Lastly she added, "If you also have experienced anything like this, please don't spend your days in a state of torpor. We can get through this together!"LunaUpon reading Luna's post, people have left comments such as, "This is so cruel. How could they scam innocent people!", "I really hope these scammers get caught soon.", "Oh no...! I'm so sorry you have to go through something like this, Luna.", and so on.

(Lee Narin, Credit= 'hermosavidaluna' Instagram)

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