WENDY Surprises SEULGI with the Cutest Birthday Gift―Friendship Certificate!

Dec 19, 2018

WENDY Surprises SEULGI with the Cutest Birthday Gift―Friendship Certificate!
K-pop girl group Red Velvet's WENDY and SEULGI showed off their rock solid friendship.

On December 15, SEULGI unveiled a special gift that she got from WENDY through the group's social media account.
SEULGILater on, it turns out that the present SEULGI got was no other than 'Friendship Certificate' that assures a life-long friendship between them.

In the certificate, WENDY and SEULGI's real names 'Son Seung-wan' and 'Kang Seul-gi' were written on the paper respectively.
SEULGIThe first sentence that goes like, "We ensure that these two people are friends who are armed with a potent weapon called friendship." caught the eyes of many since it sounded not only pretty serious, but also quite determined.

But the following sentence made the viewers burst into laughter because it sounded exactly like a line from a wedding vow.
SEULGIEspecially the part that says, "These two promise to love each other until the day the sun becomes a charcoal lump and the day waves stop rolling in." was so romantic and sentimental that made the viewers giggle so hard.
SEULGIAfter their friendship certificate was known to the public, fans commented, "I hope they could also be friends in the next life.", "Now, that is just so cute!", "Count me in!", and so on.
WENDY & SEULGIWENDY and SEULGI were both born in 1994, and they have been maintaining a good friendship ever since they met as trainees a few years back.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is currently focusing on the promotional activity of its fifth mini album 'RBB'.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'SMTOWN' V LIVE, 'RedVelvet' Facebook)

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