Ham So-won ♥ Jin Hua's First Child Is Born!

Dec 19, 2018

Ham So-won ♥ Jin Hua's First Child Is Born!
Korean model/actress Ham So-won and her husband Chinese social media star Jin Hua welcomed their first child to the world.

On December 18, a source from Ham So-won stated, "Ham So-won and Jin Hua's baby was born this morning. It's a healthy girl. Ham So-won is also in good condition."

They added, "Jin Hua's parents arrived in Korea a day before Ham So-won was expected to go into labor. Jin Hua and his family gave their full support to Ham So-won."Ham So-wonThis celebrity couple got married in February and started gaining attention as Jin Hua is 18 years younger than Ham So-won.

Previously in June, it was reported that Ham So-won was 10 weeks into her pregnancy.

As Ham So-won is 43 years old in Korean age, she said that she was worried about not being able to naturally conceive a child.

Thankfully though, Ham So-won's child was naturally conceived as she had hoped, and came out to the world in good condition. Ham So-wonHam So-won met Jin Hua when she moved to Shenzhen, China while promoting in China back in 2015.

Due to the age difference, Ham So-won hesitated when Jin Hua first asked her out, but she later accepted to go on a date with him.

Ever since then, they have been building sweet memories together despite the 18-year age gap. Ham So-won(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS funE)

(SBS Star)