TWICE JEONGYEON Bursts into Tears Whilst Thanking Her Fellow Members

Dec 19, 2018

TWICE JEONGYEON Bursts into Tears Whilst Thanking Her Fellow Members
The tears of K-pop girl group TWICE's member JEONGYEON made everyone cry.

On December 19, TWICE unveiled the 14th episode of 'TWICE TV' through its social media account.

On this episode, the fans were able to see JEONGYEON's self-filmed video which was shot during TWICE's concert tour held in Japan from September to October.
JEONGYEONWhilst talking about a present that she got for her sister, JEONGYEON said, "She loved the necklace. She's TWICE's 10th member."
JEONGYEONBut JEONGYEON suddenly started to cry right after expressing gratitude to her fellow members by saying, "The members have been through a lot, and supported me and cheered me up..."
JEONGYEONShe said, "We are on a concert tour in Japan, but there are lots of things that we have to do when we get back to Korea because we have to film a music video and do a photo shoot for our upcoming Korean album."
JEONGYEONJEONGYEON added, "I feel terrible because I wanted to be their rock but I couldn't. I'm sorry that I couldn't hide how tired I am even though I should always be smiling in front of you guys."
JEONGYEONShe continued, "Whilst working on our music video, I made a suggestion to film a choreography video for our fans but the members had a really hard time because of that."

JEONGYEON seemed like she couldn't hold back her tears whilst talking, but she did not forget to sing and promote the group's new title track 'YES or YES' before she ends the video.
JEONGYEONAfter seeing JEONGYEON's self-filmed video, CHAEYOUNG and SANA wrote on TWICE's social media account, "Why did you cry? It broke my heart. Love you and thank you. I love all nine members of TWICE and our fans, ONCE. Let's stay healthy and keep going just like this."

For the past 13 months, TWICE has worked non-stop, traveled back and forth between Korea and Japan, released nine albums in total.

Meanwhile, TWICE released its third special album 'The year of "YES"' on December 12.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'TWICE' V LIVE, 'twicetagram' Instagram)

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