LeeTeuk Talks About the Time When He Danced 'SORRY, SORRY' Naked in Public

Dec 20, 2018

LeeTeuk Talks About the Time When He Danced 'SORRY, SORRY' Naked in Public
K-pop boy group Super Junior's leader LeeTeuk revealed that he once danced the group's hit song 'SORRY, SORRY' naked in public.

On December 19 episode of MBC's talk show 'Radio Star', LeeTeuk made a guest appearance and shared an interesting story.

During the talk, LeeTeuk surprised the hosts and other guests by saying that he has danced 'SORRY, SORRY' naked in the past.LeeTeukWhen they asked for more detail, LeeTeuk explained, "It all happened at a bath house. I really love going to one. I used to go to this bath house in my apartment building. It was pretty empty on that day for some reason, and there was only one other person bathing with me."LeeTeukLeeTeuk continued, "This guy began talking to me. I think he felt awkward. We spoke in English, as he wasn't Korean. He asked about me, so I told him that I was the leader of Super Junior. But he seemed to have no idea who I was nor my group."

He added, "So, I danced 'SORRY, SORRY' on the spot. I was totally naked at that time. Sadly though, he told me that he still didn't know."LeeTeukUpon hearing LeeTeuk's funny story, everyone in the studio could not stop laughing for a long time.

Check out 'SORRY, SORRY' that LeeTeuk danced naked below!

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC Radio Star, 'SMTOWN' YouTube) 

(SBS Star)