4 Celebrities Who Would Make a Great Entertainer Someday!

Dec 20, 2018

4 Celebrities Who Would Make a Great Entertainer Someday!
If K-pop artists bring happiness to our lives and actors make our boring, mundane life bit more exciting, entertainers put a smile on our faces.

However, one must possess an outstanding sense of humor and a considerable amount of experience to make everyone burst into laughter.

For this reason, making an appearance in variety shows or reality shows must not have been an easy decision for those who are not ready to amuse the public only with their words.

But these following celebrities were brave enough to step out of their comfort zone, and courageously blurred the lines between two professions―entertainer and actor/artist.

Let's take a closer look at each celebrity, and find out how they caught the eyes of the public!

1. Seo Eun Su
Seo Eun SuActress Seo Eun Su's appearance in tvN's reality show '4 Wheeled Restaurant' gave the public a valuable chance to get to know the different side of her.
Seo Eun SuWhilst running a pop-up restaurant in China with other hosts and a celebrity chef Lee Yeon Bok, she turned into a friendly and attentive waitress and made quite an impression on all her customers.
Seo Eun SuOne of them was so hypnotized by her charms, he even bought flowers for her and left his number before leaving the restaurant.

2. Yoo In Na
Yoo In NaActress Yoo In Na garnered a tremendous attention this year with her appearance in tvN's reality show 'sundabang'.
Yoo In NaDuring the show, Yoo In Na gave practical tips on dating, helped the guests who signed up for a blind date, and tried to comfort them in numerous ways.
Yoo In NaAlso, the way she analyzed the subtle and complicated emotions between guests and interpreted their verbal/non-verbal signals amazed many of its viewers.

3. P.O of Block B
P.OThe public only thought of K-pop boy group Block B's member P.O as a talented rapper with good looks before he starts making appearance in variety shows.
P.OBut ever since he joined tvN's variety show 'tvnbros5', P.O also succeeded in winning the heart of the viewers with his cute jokes and appropriate use of facial expressions.
P.OBut most importantly, the chemistry between him and K-pop boy group WINNER's member MINO was so incredible that it made people forget the fact that both of them are actually a beloved member of a boy group; not an entertainer.

4. Park Seo Jun
Park Seo JunActor Park Seo Jun swept the customers off their feet who visited 'YOUN'S KITCHEN' located in Spain.
Park Seo JunPark Seo Jun was probably the best thing that ever happened to tvN's reality show 'YOUN'S KITCHEN', since he impeccably pulled off two more jobs while waiting tables―putting a smile on the viewers' faces with his good looks and being a loving brother/son to other hosts.
Park Seo JunBut what is even more impressive was his attitude throughout the show since he kept making an effort to learn new Spanish phrases, tried to attend to his customers' needs with all his heart, and lightened up the room with his positive energy.

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= Awesome ENT, SBS funE, YG Entertainment, tvN)

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