EXO KAI Shares Thoughts on His Potential Solo Debut

Dec 20, 2018

EXO KAI Shares Thoughts on His Potential Solo Debut
K-pop boy group EXO's member KAI shared that he wants to release a solo album someday.

On December 19, KAI made a guest appearance on KBS COOL FM's radio show 'Moon Hee Joon's Music Show'.
KAI, Moon Hee JoonDuring the show, KAI said that he feels the happiest right now.

He said, "I've been happy since I debuted of course, as I'm doing something that I've always wanted to do. But then I'm matured now and have more opportunities to do what exactly I want to do."

When asked what the most memorable moment was out of 2018, KAI shared that his group promotions as EXO make him happy while everything else was also memorable for him.

He explained, "When I meet our fans with a new album and new performance with our members, I'm so happy."
KAI, Moon Hee JoonWhen a fan asked if KAI has any thoughts about releasing a solo album, KAI replied, "Of course, yes!"

But when Moon Hee Joon asked for more detail, KAI said that he will keep it as a secret for now.
EXOMeanwhile, EXO recently made its comeback with the group's repackaged album 'LOVE SHOT' on December 13.

(Credit= SM Entertainment, KBS Moon Hee Joon's Music Show)

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