Fans Laugh at Hwang Min Hyun's Reaction to His First Encounter with Favorite Animal

Dec 20, 2018

Fans Laugh at Hwang Min Hyun's Reaction to His First Encounter with Favorite Animal
Fans are laughing at Hwang Min Hyun of K-pop boy group Wanna One's reaction after seeing his favorite animal―an elephant for the first very first time in his life.

On December 19 episode of olleh tv mobile's reality show 'Wanna Travel Trip 2', Wanna One was seen traveling around in Thailand.Wanna OneIn this episode, the members of Wanna One visited 'Thai Thani Arts & Culture Village', where they were able to experience true Thai culture, tradition, and arts.

The night before Wanna One was scheduled to visit the attraction, Hwang Min Hyun got all excited.

Hwang Min Hyun explained that it was his first time seeing elephants in real life and continuously asked questions to other members who had seen elephants before.

The reason for this was because Hwang Min Hyun loves elephants.

Ever since his debut in 2012, Hwang Min Hyun went on about elephants to his fans by saying such things like, "(Makes multiple elephants with keys on the keyboard) Here are 10 elephants!", "Elephants are so cute.", "I hope I see elephants in my dream tonight.", and more.Hwang Min HyunHwang Min HyunThe next day when Wanna One members entered the attraction, an elephant welcomed these 11 excited guys with cute dance moves.

Seeming a little shocked to see a living elephant, Hwang Min Hyun was seen not being able to get close to the elephant.

Hwang Min Hyun even just stood there with his mouth opened in shock.Wanna OneWanna OneAlthough it is unknown what exactly Hwang Min Hyun was thinking in his head at that time, it certainly looked like he was truly shocked.

Fans found this scene hilarious, because it seemed like Hwang Min Hyun made the face as he thought elephants were not as cute as he had expected them to be.

Meanwhile, Wanna One is scheduled to perform at SBS' year-end music festival '2018 SBS Gayo Daejun' on December 25.

(Lee Narin, Credit= olleh tv mobile Wanna Travel Trip 2, Online Community)

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