Kim Go-eun & Jung Hae In Wrap Up Filming Their Romance Movie

Dec 21, 2018

Kim Go-eun & Jung Hae In Wrap Up Filming Their Romance Movie
Korean actress Kim Go-eun and actor Jung Hae In's upcoming movie 'Yoo Yeol's Music Album' has finished filming all scenes.

On December 20, the production team of 'Yoo Yeol's Music Album' (working title) stated that they have finished filming the movie's very last scene on December 14.Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae In'Yoo Yeol's Music Album' is a romance movie that is set in the Asian financial crisis that hugely affected Korea in 1997.

It is about two young people who happen to fall in love after sharing their stories on a radio show.

In the movie, Kim Go-eun will play the role of a diligent and hard-working character 'Mi Soo', and Jung Hae In will act as 'Hyun Woo', a guy with a positive attitude who does not lose his smile even during tough times.Kim Go-eun and Jung Hae InOn the last day of shooting, Kim Go-eun shared her feelings, "I think this movie will make people realize what the true meaning of time and love is. I still feel like I'm 'Mi Soo'. I will take every day of the shooting with me."

Jung Hae In also made a comment, "I honestly had a blast while filming. Kim Go-eun and I got on very well. I hope this movie will reach audience's hearts."

'Yoo Yeol's Music Album' is expected to premiere in theaters next year.

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