Song Joong Ki & Other Cast to Hold a Ritual Offering Ahead of Drama Filming

Dec 21, 2018

Song Joong Ki & Other Cast to Hold a Ritual Offering Ahead of Drama Filming
Actors Song Joong Ki, Jang Dong Gun, and other cast and staff members gathered for a ritual offering ahead of their drama filming.

Recently, the production team and the cast of tvN's upcoming drama 'Chronicle of Asdal' (working title) held a ceremony of the drama.

During the offerings, the entire crew celebrated the completion of set construction that took place well over eight months and wished for a safe filming.
Chronicle of AsdalSong Joong Ki said, "As many of you helped with building the set and many other things for the drama, I will prepare well with other staff members, actors, and our director. I will put my utmost passion and time into making the best drama."

Jang Dong Gun said, "I'm beyond proud to be able to work together with the best director, screenwriter, staff members, and actors of our generation to open up a new genre of Korean drama. I hope that no one gets hurt and finishes the long journey safely, together, until the end."
Chronicle of AsdalActress Kim Ji Won added, "I'm excited to kick off our filming in this marvelous set with great colleagues, our director, and staff members. I hope that filming goes well and everyone stays safe."

The production team stated, "For the past 20 years, Korean viewers enjoyed various fantasy dramas that were set in mythical time periods. However, none of these were actually from Korea. We believe that it is time for Korean viewers to watch an ancient mythology featuring our people as the main protagonists."
Chronicle of Asdal'Chronicle of Asdal' is expected to premiere sometime in 2019.

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