The Taste of the Durian Fruit Hits Ong Seong Wu in the Funniest Way

Dec 21, 2018

The Taste of the Durian Fruit Hits Ong Seong Wu in the Funniest Way
K-pop boy group Wanna One's member Ong Seong Wu became shocked after trying the durian fruit for the first time and his reaction is funnier than ever.

On December 19 episode of olleh tv mobile's reality show 'Wanna Travel Trip 2', 7 members of Wanna One―Ha Sung Woon, Bae Jin Young, Lee Dae Hwi, Ong Seong Wu, Kim Jae Hwan, Lai Kuan Lin, and Yoon Ji Sung were seen trying some tropical fruits in Thailand.Wanna OneOne of the fruits they wanted to try was the durian fruit, which is known for its strong odor.

When the fresh durian fruit was brought to their table, each one of them started smelling the fruit.

With only one exception; Lai Kuan Lin, all of them made the same remark, "Oh wow, this smells awful!"Wanna OneSo, they decided to choose a person to try the fruit with rock-paper-scissors.

Yoon Ji Sung lost the game and had to put a mouthful of the fruit in his mouth.

However, he could not chew the fruit and spat it out right away.Wanna OneWhile Yoon Ji Sung was doing all this, Ong Seong Wu also cautiously put a small portion of the fruit in his mouth out of curiosity.

About three seconds later, he writhed and frowned in discomfort.

Then, he shouted out, "This tastes so bad! Who said this was delicious?"Ong Seong WuRight after that, Yoon Ji Sung and Ong Seong Wu put more of a familiar fruit in their mouth to wash the taste of the durian fruit away.

Fans commented, "I love the durian fruit, but I get why they are reacting to it like that. It's hilarious!", "I was like that the first time I tried it, but I enjoy eating it now!", "Ong Seong Wu's reaction is so cute though! I keep on repeating that part of the episode!", and so on.

Meanwhile, Wanna One is scheduled to perform at SBS' year-end music festival '2018 SBS Gayo Daejun' on December 25.

(Lee Narin, Credit= olleh tv mobile Wanna Travel Trip 2)

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