EXO KAI Picks Two Members Who He Would Not Want to Swap His Body with

Dec 24, 2018

EXO KAI Picks Two Members Who He Would Not Want to Swap His Body with
K-pop boy group EXO's member KAI chose two of his fellow members who he thinks they do not have a nice body.

On December 22 episode of JTBC's talk show 'Knowing Brothers', EXO was invited to join the talk.EXODuring the talk, the hosts asked KAI about his muscular body.

They asked KAI with curious eyes, "You are so fit. Do you ever take a break from working out?"

KAI answered, "I want to maintain the muscles in my body. I regularly work out to maintain them. It's also for my health."EXOThen, the hosts asked, "Could you tell us one EXO member who you think has a good body?"

KAI answered, "CHANYEOL has been spending a lot of his time working out these days. I would say it is CHANYEOL."EXOAs soon as KAI was finished talking, BAEKHYUN asked, "Who has the worst body? This is actually more important. Tell us one person who you would never want to swap your body with."

KAI laughed and answered, "It's you, BAEKHYUN. There is no one else to choose, because you have the worst body out of EXO members, full stop."

In response to this, BAEKHYUN just continuously laughed in embarrassment.EXOWhen asked who was after BAEKHYUN, KAI replied, "It's D.O."

D.O. responded, "I have never worked out like KAI in my life. I do have some fat on my belly."EXOMeanwhile, EXO came back with the group's repackaged fifth album 'LOVE SHOT' on December 13.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Knowing Brothers)

(SBS Star)