VIDEO: JENNIE Reveals 5 Things Guys Do that Make Her Heart Flutter

Dec 24, 2018

VIDEO: JENNIE Reveals 5 Things Guys Do that Make Her Heart Flutter
K-pop girl group BLACKPINK's member JENNIE revealed five things guys do that make her heart flutter.

On December 21 episode of SBS' variety show 'Village Survival, the Eight', the cast was seen playing a quiz together.

For this quiz, the cast members had to guess one of guy's behaviors that make JENNIE's heart flutter.
Village Survival, the EightJENNIE instantly became shy when the quiz started, because her answers that she had written down before the quiz were about to get revealed.

The cast members began throwing in different answers from "When a guy hugs her from the back.", "When a guy kisses her lightly on the forehead.", even to "When a guy dances to BLACKPINK's song.", but they were all wrong.

In the end, comedienne Jang Do-yeon got the least important one out of the five right after receiving multiple hints.Village Survival, the EightIt turned out JENNIE had listed these things as the top five behaviors that made her heart race fast:

1. When a guy does a thing for me that I mentioned in the past.

2. When a guy listens carefully to what I say.

3. When a guy takes his coat off for me when it is cold.

4. When a guy covers the sunlight with his hand for me when it is too sunny.

5. When a guy walks slowly to match my pace when I am wearing high heels.

Make sure to take a note of this if you want to steal her heart!

(Lee Narin, Credit= SBS Village Survival, the Eight)

(SBS Star)