What BTS RM's Mother Does When He Overloads His Baggage with Clothes

Dec 24, 2018

What BTS RM's Mother Does When He Overloads His Baggage with Clothes
RM of K-pop boy group BTS shared what his mother did to him when he returned home from Europe with a baggage full of clothes.

Recently, one of RM's past live broadcasts started gaining attention online for its relatable topic.

In this live broadcast, RM talked about the time when he was at home unpacking his baggage after his schedule in Europe.RMRM said, "I took a lot of clothes with me to Europe, because I wanted to take as many pictures of myself there for ARMY (BTS' fan club name). So, all my suitcases were filled with clothes."

He continued, "When my mom saw this, she smashed my back and said, 'When you(first smash)! Travel abroad(second smash)! Do you only take clothes with you(third smash)? Don't you take anything more important with you(fourth smash)?"RMRMRMRMThen, RM laughed and shared how his father reacted to his mother nagging him.

RM said, "After listening to my mom, my dad commented, 'Just let him be. You know how he always wants to look cool. He could even die to look cool.'"RMRMAfter this part of RM's live broadcast spread online, fans left comments like, "His mom seems like mine! It's the kind of thing that my mom would do and say to me if I did something like RM.", "This is so relatable. I finally found something that RM and I have in common!", "His dad's reaction though! So funny!", and more.

Meanwhile, BTS is scheduled to perform at SBS' year-end music festival '2018 SBS Gayo Daejun' on December 25.

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