6 K-pop Members Who Are Known as a Gourmand but Has an Amazing Physique!

Dec 26, 2018

6 K-pop Members Who Are Known as a Gourmand but Has an Amazing Physique!
Most of the K-pop artists strive to stay fit since the more they look camera-friendly, the more chance they have of success.

However, there are some celebrities who make people wonder and ask themselves, "How could they eat that much and stay in perfect shape at the same time?"

These six idol group members must have an incredibly high metabolism since they don't even need any kinds of special diet to lose weight or maintain their current weight.

Let's meet every single one of these luckiest and blessed idol stars and figure out how much they adore food!

1. Im Hyunsik of BTOB
Im HyunsikK-pop boy group BTOB's member Im Hyunsik has an incredibly slim figure compare to the amount of food he eats on a daily basis.
Im HyunsikWhen he left for Mexico back in March to film SBS' variety show 'Law of the Jungle', his fans who came all the way down to the airport to say goodbye to him in person asked the production team to take care of him and never let him starve.
Im HyunsikHowever, Im Hyunsik kept looking for things to eat whilst filming and his fellow member Seo Eunkwang who was also on the show tried to explain the situation by saying, "He always eats a lot."

CHANSUNGThere is no one who could compete with K-pop boy group 2PM's member CHANSUNG when it comes to eating.
CHANSUNGOn one episode of a variety show, he referred to himself as a 'King of eating' whilst mentioning the fact that he once ate 40 servings of Shabu-shabu (hotpot dish of thinly sliced meat and vegetables boiled in water) all by himself.
CHANSUNGBut what even more surprised his fans was the time when CHANSUNG told them that he almost ate 49 bananas while trying to lose some weight using a method of one-food diet.

3. Hyeri of Girl's Day
HyeriK-pop girl group Girl's Day's member Hyeri gained a growing popularity with her mukbang.
HyeriOn one episode of variety show, Hyeri said, "I ate five servings of meat at a barbecue place and after that, I had fried rice, steamed egg, muksabal (cold soup made with muk and sliced vegetables), and doenjang jjigae (Korean soybean paste stew). Then, I ate melon bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) to cleanse my palate."
HyeriAlso, a renowned comedian/mukbang show host Moon Se-yoon said whilst explaining how he bonded with Hyeri, "We bonded over food. I feel comfortable doing a show with Hyeri because she also loves food."

4. SOJIN of Girl's Day
SOJINHyeri and SOJIN must have a lot to talk about since Girl's Day's another member SOJIN is also known as a big foodie.
SOJINBefore making a comeback, SOJIN tries to gain weight while other members watch what they eat and work out to get a toned body.
SOJINDuring an interview with the press, Moon Se-yoon picked SOJIN as his favorite artist and said, "When there is a smell coming from the outside, we make a guess and try to trace its source."

5. MINHO of SHINee
MINHOK-pop boy group SHINee's member MINHO is also second to none when it comes to eating.
MINHOWhen SHINee made appearance at JTBC's 'Knowing Brothers', another boy group Super Junior's member HeeChul said, "He really eats a lot. One time, he ate 20 servings of meat."
MINHOThen MINHO laughed and replied, "I can't eat that much but I think I could eat 12 servings of meat."

BAEKHYUNCompare to his lean and fit body, K-pop boy group EXO's member BAEKHYUN actually has a huge appetite.
BAEKHYUNIt seems like BAEKHYUN truly is passionate about food since he occasionally posts a picture of himself eating and the foods he had on his social media.
BAEKHYUNPreviously, one of his fellow member SUHO revealed on the radio that BAEKHYUN eats until he throws up.

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