William Hammington's Ways of Reviving the Inflatable Snowman Are Overloaded with Cuteness

Dec 24, 2018

William Hammington's Ways of Reviving the Inflatable Snowman Are Overloaded with Cuteness
Entertainer Sam Hammington's son William Hammington is melting the hearts of many with his adorable ways of reviving an inflatable snowman.

On December 23 episode of KBS 'The Return of Superman', the Hammington family was seen decorating the house with Christmas decorations.

On this day, Sam Hammington set up a giant airblown inflatable snowman next to the Christmas tree in the living room.William HammingtonWilliam Hammington could not keep his eyes off of the snowman and named him 'Noon (snow in Korean) Man'.

Right after 'Noon Man' was all inflated, William Hammington asked, "Noon Man, play with me!" while shaking him about.

William Hammington ended up breaking the machine for the snowman, and 'Noon Man' went flat.William HammingtonDevastated to see 'Noon Man' flat, William Hammington quickly remembered that Sam Hammington said 'Noon Man' was from a very cold country.

After remembering the fact, William Hammington quickly grabbed a snow spray and started spraying on the snowman to revive him.

As that did not work, he went to get some ice cubes from the freezer and poured them on him.William HammingtonWilliam HammingtonObviously, that did not work either, and William Hammington thought of one last idea; he decided to put 'Noon Man' in the freezer.

William Hammington dragged 'Noon Man' to the freezer and tried to put him in it.William HammingtonWilliam HammingtonLater, William Hammington asked Sam Hammington for help, but it turned out the machine had been completely broken.

When Sam Hammington told William Hammington that 'Noon Man' went back to his country, William Hammington cried and said, "Don't go, Noon Man!"

After this episode was aired, people commented, "William seems heartbroken! What a kind and pure heart he has.", "Those are such cute ways to revive the snowman! I wouldn't have thought of that myself. Seriously so cute!", "Awww! This just makes me smile.", and more.

(Lee Narin, Credit= KBS The Return of Superman)

(SBS Star)