6 K-pop Group Members Who Made a Generous Year-end Donation!

Dec 26, 2018

6 K-pop Group Members Who Made a Generous Year-end Donation!
There are many things that warms our heart, but there is nothing like donations that make the world a better place to live.

All donations have their own meanings but when celebrities make a donation, they create a huge ripple effect and take the sublime act of donation to a whole new level.

They encourage and motivate others with their behavior and help the underprivileged and the less fortunate to seek better opportunities.

Let's take a close look at each one of these celebrities who remind the public of the giving tree and find out how they impressed the world!

YOONIn 2018, K-pop boy group WINNER's member YOON made several efforts to help out the patients who are struggling with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).
YOONThe first time YOON showed interest in ALS patients was back in June when he donated 5 million won (approximately 4,450 dollars) to Seungil Hope Foundation as a part of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
YOONYOON made another generous donation to the same organization on December 18, sextupled the donation to 30 million won (approximately 26,702dollars) and surprised the public once more.

SEUNGRIThis year, K-pop boy group BIGBANG's SEUNGRI donated 100 million won (approximately 88,863 dollars) to ChildFund Korea on his birthday on December 12.
SEUNGRIAccording to ChildFund Korea, the money he donated will be spent on purchasing the necessities for the kids from the low-income households.
SEUNGRIOn December 19, SEUNGRI made another generous donation to Seungil Hope Foundation to aid the patients who are suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

3. Seol Hyun of AOA
Seol HyunOn November 29, Seol Hyun sent 50 million won (approximately 44,416 dollars) to Community Chest of Korea to help out the teenagers from the low-income households.
Seol HyunAbout a month later, Honor Society announced that Seol Hyun became its 1991th member after making another donation to the same foundation within just one month.
Seol HyunAfter debut, Seol Hyun has constantly reached out to many organizations such as Seoul National School for the Deaf and spread her positive energy through volunteering and multiple donations.

4. JIN of BTS

K-pop boy group BTS' member JIN is a kind of guy who not only cares about the people around him, but also knows a way to take care of our old friend―animals.
JINOn December 4, Korean Animal Welfare Association wrote on its official website, "JIN from BTS sent us an animal feed."
JINIt turns out that JIN bought animal feeds, bowls, and blankets himself and donated them to an animal shelter on his birthday.
JINThe stray dogs were able to stay warm through these cold winter nights and make it through one more season thanks to JIN's kind gesture.

5. Suzy
SuzyK-pop artist/actress Suzy set a great example for other celebrities by celebrating her birthday with a meaningful donation.
SuzyOn her birthday back on October 10, Suzy donated 100 million won (approximately 88,863 dollars) to LISA, an organization that encourages and aid tissue and hematopoietic stem cell donation.
SuzySuzy become an organ and tissue donor herself back in 2014, and joined Honor society in 2015 by donating more than 100 million won (approximately dollars) in total to Community Chest of Korea.

6. Kang Daniel of Wanna One
Kang DanielK-pop boy group Wanna One's member Kang Daniel surprised his fans on his birthday by donating 12 million won (approximately 10,668 dollars) to MIRAL Welfare Foundation.
Kang DanielHis meaningful donation will be spent on covering the medical costs and the living expenses of the less fortunate as he hoped.
Kang DanielAlso, Kang Daniel planted 1,000 trees and created a forest on a landfill located in Incheon with a lifestyle magazine ELLE and its subscribers through a campaign called 'ELLE Green Power'.

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