MINO Just Discovers He Was Actually Born a Year Earlier than He Had Known?

Dec 26, 2018

MINO Just Discovers He Was Actually Born a Year Earlier than He Had Known?
MINO of K-pop boy group WINNER recently found out that he was actually born in 1992, not in 1993.

On December 25 episode of MBC Every1's talk show 'Video Star', a shocking fact about MINO's birth had been told.Video StarDuring the talk, another WINNER's member YOON said, "Recently, MINO's mom came to see WINNER's concert in Thailand. After the concert, she treated us to a nice Korean meal at a restaurant. At the restaurant though, she said something that shocked all of us."Video StarYOON continued, "She said, 'Guys, MINO wasn't actually born in 1993. He was born a year earlier, but I had registered his birth in 1993.' We couldn't believe it! I mean, we have known MINO for years. Why didn't she tell us about this sooner?"Video StarWith a sigh, MINO added, "You know what? I was in shock at that time as well, because I had not known about it at all. My mom had never mentioned that to me before!"Video StarMINO went on, "I got confused and asked my mom to clarify the fact. She just said, 'I'm not lying. I gave birth to you, I would know your exact birth year, wouldn't I?'"Video StarYOON said, "After knowing this, I felt slightly awkward with MINO. We used to call each other by our name, but I have to start calling him 'hyung' (a close, older male friend) now."Video StarMeanwhile, WINNER returned with a new single 'MILLIONS' on December 19.

(Lee Narin, Credit= MBC Every1 Video Star) 

(SBS Star)