SEUNGRI Shares an Interesting Recent Conversation with TAEYANG & G-DRAGON

Dec 26, 2018

SEUNGRI Shares an Interesting Recent Conversation with TAEYANG & G-DRAGON
K-pop boy group BIGBANG's member SEUNGRI shared an interesting conversation that he had with his fellow members TAEYANG and G-DRAGON.

On December 25, the hosts of JTBC's talk show 'Idol Room'―Defconn and Jung Hyung Don went to see SEUNGRI at his management agency YG Entertainment to inform him that his episode of the show recorded the highest viewing rate this year.Idol RoomDefconn and Jung Hyung Don said, "Congratulations, SEUNGRI! The episode featuring you as a guest has reached the highest viewing rate this year. Particularly, it was the part where your fellow member TAEYANG was picked as 'the idol of the day'."SEUNGRIIdol RoomAs the hosts were talking about TAEYANG, they became curious about how he was doing in the military.

Jung Hyung Don asked, "How is TAEYANG doing in the military? Is he doing well there?"

SEUNGRI answered, "TAEYANG actually texted me the other day. His text said, 'SEUNGRI, I think where I am now is colder than Russia. I have never been to Russia before, but I really feel like it is colder than Russia here!'"SEUNGRIWhen asked if G-DRAGON is also doing well in the military, SEUNGRI answered, "I met him on his day off. He wanted to cut his hair shorter, so we decided to meet at a hair dresser. He had to wait for like an hour for me there, because I was running late."SEUNGRISEUNGRI jokingly continued, "If it was the past, G-DRAGON would have been like, 'Why do I have to wait so long to meet SEUNGRI?', but I think the military helped him to realize who the true boss is."

SEUNGRI said, "You know what he said to me as soon as he saw me on that day though? He said, 'SEUNGRI, I'm a soldier now and you are a celebrity, but I still look much cooler than you.'"SEUNGRIHe then wrapped up his story in a warm manner by sending a short video message to the members of BIGBANG in the military, "Hyungs, I managed to top the viewing rate in the name of BIGBANG! Be safe and take good care of yourselves in the military. See you soon!"

Meanwhile, G-DRAGON enlisted in the military in February and TAEYANG in March.

(Lee Narin, Credit= JTBC Idol Room, Online Community, 'seungriseyo' Instagram)

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