VIDEO: EXO Turns up the 'Tempo' with the Stage of 'Love Shot'

Dec 26, 2018

VIDEO: EXO Turns up the 'Tempo' with the Stage of 'Love Shot'
It seems like K-pop boy group EXO certainly knows a way to win the heart of the public.

On December 25, EXO hypnotized the audience of '2018 SBS Gayo Daejun' with its overwhelming sexiness.
EXOAs EXO walked down the stage in a seductive manner wearing a gorgeous black suit, a big cheer filled the air and such dramatic entrance put a smile on everyone's face.
EXOHowever, the cheer started to get even bigger when KAI stepped forward and slowly began to show off his solo dance in a black jacket without his shirt.
EXOThe first thing that caught the eyes of the public was obviously his toned body, but what made them keep an eye on him for the next 40 seconds was his spectacular dance moves and the way he harnessed his power on stage.

With such an intense intro, its fans' expectation towards the stage went through the roof but EXO managed to satisfy their acoustic and aesthetic needs at the same time using the group's numerous charms.
EXOBut EXO's second track 'Tempo' was a time dedicated to SEHUN since the minute he got off of his bike and started to walk towards the stage to do a solo dance, everyone at the site gasped and started to go wild.
EXO'Tempo', a hip-hop based dance track naturally brought out the inner dancer in everyone and made them enjoy its addictive beat with all parts of their body.
EXOCheck out EXO's flawless stage below and be blown away by the group's unbelievable hotness!

(Kang Eunbee, Credit= SBS Gayo Daejun)

(SBS Star)